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So what is the link between art and food? And what would be the purpose of a musical menu? What shape is ‘sour’? What is ‘taste’ anyway?


The more we know, the more we want to know. Luckily, some of the nation’s foremost food and flavour scientists are on hand to answer all these questions and more. And you can also find out how they came to be food and flavour scientists in the first place.


There are differences in the way we taste (food)… for example some things are inherent within us and some things change with age.

Dr Lisa Methven
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We should be mindful about how we put food on a plate

Charles Michel, Chef, Researcher, Gastrophysicist
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People often ask.. how did you end up as a psychologist studying food?

Professor Charles Spence
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When you ask people to think of fruits that they can call to mind and imagine, strawberries seem to be the ‘happiest’ fruit.

Professor Barry C. Smith, University of London
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